Poem: My Beautiful Friend

My Beautiful Friend. My Love Will Never End.

You Are So Out of Sight, You are my special Delight.

The Love and Joy and Bring, It is a wonderful thing.

With You I Feel No Stress. My Love You Won’t Have To Test.

My Life From This point On. It’s like a brand new dawn.

It’s Christmas, Everyday of the year. My Feelings For You Are Clear.

I Have So Much To Say, On This Chilly Cold Day.

Please don’t Ever Go Away.

I Feel Love That I Never Knew, And It’s All Because of You.

This Beautiful friend has come into my life.

If She ever leaves me, it would cut like a knife.

One Look at her face, and beauty I do see.

She brings out joy and peace from deep inside me.

So Show Me The Love You Have in your Heart.

Hold Me Close, and Don’t Ever Part.

Poem I Wrote “I Couldn’t Find My Pants”

I Want to Rage and Rant because I couldn’t find my Pants. Did I Leave Them At My Girlfriends,Did I Leave Them In The Hall. Right Now, I Need Them Most of All. My Boxer Shorts are Silky, My Boxer Shorts are Clean. If I Don’t Find Them Soon,I’m Going To Get Very Mean. My Pants are very Black. My Pants Feel Oh So Fine. I Want them back right now, because they are mine. I Still can’t find my pants. I Don’t Know What To Do. I Just Won’t wear them at all, when I come To see you. Did I Leave Them in the yard, Did I Leave Them In the bath. If I Come To See You Like This, I’m Going to Feel your Rath. Oh I Think I See My Pants. They’re Hanging On The Line. I Just Looked At Them Close, and Yes They Sure Are Mine.